1996 – Derelict land underneath the Westway

Bay 66 & 65 underneath the Westway, A40, in North Kensington, London 1996

2020 – 23 years a community asset underneath the Westway

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BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park

BAYSIXTY6 Skate Park

Since 1996 when plans were first drawn up for a Skate Park to improve use of derelict land on Bay 66 & 65 underneath the Westway, the A40, in London’s North Kensington, the operators have worked with the local community to provide and deliver improving services and facilities promoting and furthering Skateboarding as an urban sport

BAYSIXTY6 operates as a not-for-profit and is applying for charity registration

Our goals are to develop further our subsidies and teaching programmes, maintain and develop our public/private partnership with Nike Skate Boarding, continue to provide children, youth and people of all ages and backgrounds top class sporting and recreational facilities where they can mix and socialise in a safe, supervised environment, whilst experiencing on-going learning of new skills to challenge themselves further

The benefits of our subsidies and programmes are of course not just financial in nature. From the obvious lifelong benefits of engaging in sport to the additional support provided to parents and schools, local youth are off the streets, personal improvement, camaraderie and mentoring are all at play whilst kids of all ages, backgrounds and means socialise with each other forming solid social bonds, learning and developing a range of new skills, respect for themselves and those around them

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