Need to Know


So we won’t keep you but rules is rules. Just please try and make sure that you stick to them.
Helmets are to be worn by inline skaters, BMX and scooter riders at all times – no exceptions during normal sessions.

We do recommend though that you wear more protection for your safety.
Be considerate on the larger ramps – wait your turn and don’t drop in when anyone else is on there.

Make sure to put your valuables in the lockers provided to keep them safe.
We will not be held responsible for any lost items. Look out for other skaters around you. Put litter in the bins provided. Smoking or the consumption of alcohol is not permitted at BAYSIXTY6.

Last of all please respect the park and everyone there. We all skate here so treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself.


Beginners’ sessions are on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12pm. We give a Beginner Concession and entry is £5. There are Group Lessons in every Beginner’s session and staff are on hand to give tips and advice. Give us a call to find out more. If you’re a first timer, remember to report to a member of staff for an induction.

Minimum age 7 or at management discretion, please contact us directly at the park on 020 8969 4669.


For health and safety reasons, we are forced to restrict BMX access.
Bikes are only allowed in the park if there are already less than 50 people and is subject to management’s discretion.
BMX riders are allowed use of the park on Tuesday nights between 5pm – 10pm*.
and Sundays between 5pm – 9pm.
Park management reserve the right to limit the number of BMXers at any time.
All BMX bikes must have brakes and plastic pegs, bikes over 24” are not suitable.
*Brakes are not required and limitations on numbers do not apply on Tuesday nights. Please note After School Club finishes as usual at 6pm during term times.


For your safety only professional scooters† are admitted, helmets must be worn and no pegs are allowed. Scooters are not permitted on Wednesdays 4pm to 10pm.
†Purpose built trick scooters with the relevant strength and features necessary to ride ramps and obstacles.                                 For the avoidance of doubt children’s polymer scooters do not qualify.


It’s easy to hurt yourself at a skate park. Therefore the more protection you wear, the less likely it is that you will hurt yourself. So think about it: what’s cooler, a few pads or a fibreglass cast and the inability to roll for months? There is always a trained first-aider on duty at the park but remember skate parks are hazardous places and BAYSIXTY6 cannot be held responsible for any injuries. BAYSIXTY6 reserves the right to demand helmet wear if deemed necessary for individuals.


During term times the park runs a subsidised after school club Monday to Friday 4pm till 6pm. We give an After School Club Concession and session entry is just £2. Anyone 16 and under is eligible.


It’s very important to stay hydrated while using the park. Not only can it affect your skating, but it also puts you at greater risk of hurting yourself. Please make sure especially through the hot summer months that you have plenty to drink. If you skate a full four-hour-session, you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water. If you sweat a lot, you should drink more.


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